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Movie Description

Kuruthipunal got rated 8.6.

Year: n/A

Also Known As: Drohi

Tagline: n/A

Plot: A police officer (Kamal Haasan) must choose between his family and duty, when members of a terror group take his wife and child hostage and pressure him to betray officers from his department. Good thriller, arguably better than the film it was remade from, Govind Nihalani's Droh Kaal.

Description: n/A

Budget: n/A

Cast and Character: Kamal Haasan as S. Adinarayanan / Arjun as Abbas / Nasser as Badri / Gautami as Sumithra / Geetha as Zeenath / Nizhalgal Ravi / Subhalekha Sudhakar / Dr. K. Viswanath as Sreenivasan / Anusha / Srinivas Bhashyam as Pavan / John E as Narasimham / Arvind Krishna as Dhanush / Pasupathy / Ajay Ratnam as Krishnan

Company: Raajkamal Films International

Directors : n/A

Genres : Action / Drama / Thriller

Languages : Tamil / Telugu

Rating: 8.6

Release Date: 23 October 1995 (India)

Runtime: 143 min

Sites : n/A

Writers: n/A

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