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Movie Description

Mumbai Xpress got rated 5.9.

Year: n/A

Also Known As: Mumbai Xpress

Tagline: n/A

Plot: After having spent his entire life in Bombay's Dharavi slums, Digamber feels it is time that he takes steps to improve his lifestyle. He, along with two other slum-dwellers, plot to kidnap the only son (Shravan) of a wealthy businessman, Kishore Mehta. Things do not go as planned as one of their partners gets hospitalized when he gets a reaction from locally brewed alcohol. Since this plot involves three males, Avinash, a deaf, but dare-devil motorcycle rider is recruited. Things do not go quite as planned, as only Digamber and Avinash are available to carry out the abduction. To make matters worse, they find out that the wrong boy (Daddu) has been abducted, who happens to be the illegitimate son of Assistant Commissioner of Police, S.P. Rao. So the heat is now on the Digamber and Avinash, who must somehow find a way to get out of this mess - alive and in one piece.

Description: n/A

Budget: n/A

Cast and Character: Kamal Haasan as Avinash / Mumbai Express / Manisha Koirala as Ahilya / Pasupathy as Chittambaran / Nasser as Police Inspector / Vaiyapuri as Johnson / Ramesh Aravind as Thambu, insurance agent / Sharat Saxena as Inspector Saxena / Santhana Bharathi / Dheena Chandra Dhas as Raju / Hardik Thakkar as Daddu / Kovai Sarala as Avinash's sister / Munmun Dutta / Uday Sabnis as Traffic Police / Rakhi Sawant as Special Appearance

Company: Raajkamal Films International

Directors : n/A

Genres : Action / Comedy

Languages : Tamil

Rating: 5.9

Release Date: 15 April 2005 (India)

Runtime: 152 min

Sites : Official site

Writers: n/A

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  1. aami
    11 months, 3 weeks ago

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  2. anidruth shana
    anidruth shana
    2 years, 6 months ago

    nice film