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Movie Description

Saraswathi Sabatham got rated 7.8.

Year: n/A

Also Known As: Devi Saraswati

Tagline: n/A

Plot: Vidyapati is a mute who lives a poor lifestyle with his widower father in the Ashwarayapur region. One day Devi Maa Saraswati appears before him, blesses him, gives him intelligence as well as his vocal chords, so that he can sing her praises, as well as spread the word knowledge is the best virtue and boon for human beings. Maalya is a coward who also lives a poor lifestyle, who, in turn, is blessed by Devi Maa Parvati, who gives him courage and strength, so that he can sing her praises as well as spread the word that strength is indeed the best boon for human beings. Maalya instantly becomes strong, defeats the regions' two top wrestlers single-handedly, and becomes famous overnight. Ashwarayapati is a beggar, who is blessed with infinite riches by Devi Maa Lakshmi, so that she can spread the word that Wealth is the best boon for human beings. She is subsequently crowned the Queen of Ashwarayapur. She hears of Vidyapati, meets him, hears him sing, is pleased, attempts to reward him,...

Description: n/A

Budget: n/A

Cast and Character: Devika / Gemini Ganesan as Maalya / Shivaji Ganesan as Vidyapati / Savithri Ganesh as Ashwarayapati / Aachi Manorama / Padmini as Devi Maa Parvati 'Shakti' / G. Shakuntala / Baby Susarita / K.R. Vijaya

Company: Shree Vijayalaxmi Pictures

Directors : n/A

Genres : Comedy / Family / Fantasy / History

Languages : Tamil / Hindi

Rating: 7.8

Release Date: n/A

Runtime: 159 min

Sites : n/A

Writers: n/A

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