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Movie Description

Naan Kadavul got rated 7.7.

Year: n/A

Also Known As: I am God

Tagline: n/A

Plot: Rudran (Arya) in Kasi. Fourteen years later, repenting his act he goes with his daughter in search of him. He finds him there but is shocked to learn that he has become an Aghori, a character who gives moksha and prevents the soul from getting rebirth. Nevertheless he brings him back to Tamil Nadu. The story takes a turn here and introduces us to the world of physically and mentally challenged beggars. A world controlled by the cruel Thandavan (Rajendran). Hamsavalli (Pooja Umashankar) a blind girl is forcefully separated from her troop and made to join the beggars. Soon she becomes another victim of Thandavan's cruelty. Meanwhile, Rudran leaves his house to find his place on a small cave, and soon meets Hamsavalli, who tries her best to convince him to return home, but fails. Thandavan then takes a deal with a Malayali man of the same profession to sell some of the beggars.The Malayali guy forcefully takes the beggars away,although they want to stay with the rest of the beggars. He ...

Description: n/A

Budget: INR 140,000,000

Cast and Character: Arya as Aghori / Pooja Umashankar as Blind woman / Rajendran as Thandavan / Krishnamoorthy as Murugan / Singampuli as Beggar / Rajendranath as Police Officer

Company: Pyramid Saimira Group / Vasan Visual Ventures

Directors : n/A

Genres : Action / Drama

Languages : Tamil

Rating: 7.7

Release Date: 6 February 2009 (India)

Runtime: n/A

Sites : n/A

Writers: n/A

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  1. Loganathan
    1 year, 1 month ago

    Good movie.
  2. dhasarathan
    1 year, 4 months ago

    How Can I Download The Movie...... idm is not coming after playing this movie
  3. mallikarjun
    1 year, 5 months ago

    how can i download the movie.
  4. neranjan jayawardena
    neranjan jayawardena
    1 year, 10 months ago

    good movie