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Movie Description

Sandai Kozhi got rated 6.8.

Year: n/A

Also Known As: Pandemkodi

Tagline: n/A

Plot: Balu (Vishal) is a student studying in IIT Chennai. Karthik is his best friend studying in the same class. During their summer vacation, Balu goes to a place called Theni where Karthik's family hails from. Hema (Meera Jasmine), sister to Karthik is a pretty girl as well as mischievous who always pranks with her brother. Balu falls in love with her. One day, Balu gets involved in a fight with a rowdy group and as a result of this fight, this rowdy group starts to attack Hema's family. Now its Balu's responsibility to save Hema's family from peril.

Description: n/A

Budget: n/A

Cast and Character: Vishal as Balu / Meera Jasmine as Hema / Raj Kiran as Durai / Lal as Kasi / 'Ganja' Karuppu as Balu's Home Servant / Mounika / Suman Shetty as Ilango / Shanmugha Rajan / Thennavan / Raja as Sathya / Thalaivasal Vijay / Kadhal Thandapani / Sridhar Kumar / Manochithra Vedi / Kumaravel as Balu's Friend

Company: G.V. Productions

Directors : n/A

Genres : Action / Musical / Romance

Languages : Tamil

Rating: 6.8

Release Date: n/A

Runtime: n/A

Sites : n/A

Writers: n/A

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