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Movie Description

Sex Kittens Go to College got rated 3.2.

Year: n/A

Also Known As: Sexpot Goes to College

Tagline: The picture for broadminded people only (original 6-sheet poster-written in script)

Plot: Collins College needs a new department head for their science department. Doctors Carter and Zorch consult Thinko, the campus computer, and come up with Dr. Mathilda West, who has degrees in lots of things, but turns out to be disruptively attractive as well. Meanwhile two thugs search for Sam Thinko who is muscling in on the race horse action, the captain of the football team is having trouble not passing out in front of the opposite sex, and Admiral McFortune, a benefactor of the college, becomes attracted to Dr. West, who has a past dangerously close to becoming public knowledge.

Description: n/A

Budget: n/A

Cast and Character: Mamie Van Doren as Dr. Mathilda West - aka Tassels Monclair / Tuesday Weld as Jody / Mijanou Bardot as Suzanne / Mickey Shaughnessy as Boomie / Louis Nye as Dr. Zorch / Pamela Mason as Dr. Myrtle Carter / Martin Milner as George Barton / Conway Twitty as Conway Twitty / Jackie Coogan as Wildcat MacPherson / John Carradine as Prof. Watts / Vampira as Etta Toodie / Allan Drake as Legs Raffertino / Norman Grabowski as Woo Woo Grabowski / Irwin Berke as Prof. Towers / Charles Chaplin Jr. as Fire Chief

Company: Albert Zugsmith Productions / Photoplay Associates

Directors : n/A

Genres : Comedy

Languages : English

Rating: 3.2

Release Date: 24 August 1960 (USA)

Runtime: 94 min

Sites : n/A

Writers: n/A

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